ERM Partners

Our actuaries and consultants work on all subjects related to actuarial and financial issues and have excellent knowledge of IT tools as well as mathematical and statistical software.

Our firm supports our clients in regulatory, financial, economic and technological developments in the sector.

Operational expertise covers all businesses (savings, retirement, provident insurance, health, liability, damage), implementation and review:

  • Design and profitability analysis of Life and Property & Casualty products;
  • Provisioning according to various standards (IFRS, S2, …);
  • Valuation techniques (ALM, Embedded Value, Goodwill, …);
  • Governance (Risk management, Compliance, Actuarial, …).

We are committed to

  • Sharing of best market practices,
  • Being independent from editors for the choice of tools,
  • Our ability to adapt and to be flexible in relation to needs.

We currently do business in 21 countries located across North, West, Central and East Africa

Contact info

Najed Ksouri

(+216) 71 863 564 (+216) 53 255 666


avenue Abdelaziz Thâalbi

Menzah 9A 1013 Tunis