The Tunisian pension system is dependent on the insured’s average monthly earnings in the 10 years before retirement plus 0.5% of average monthly earnings for each three-month period of contributions exceeding 120 months is paid monthly.

  • The minimum monthly pension is 66.7% of the legal monthly minimum wage.
  • The maximum monthly pension is 80% of the insured’s average monthly earnings, up to six times the legal monthly minimum wage.
  • Early pension: The pension is reduced by 0.5% for each quarter that the pension is claimed before age 60 (age 65 for self-employed persons).
  • Partial pension: A reduced pension is paid according to the number of quarters of contributions; a lump sum of the value of the insured’s contributions is paid with less than 60 months of contributions at retirement.
  • The minimum monthly partial pension is 50% of the legal monthly minimum wage.
  • Benefit adjustment: Benefits are indexed according to changes in the legal minimum wage.

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