GLOBACS is a network of independent firms, each proud of their own identity, who have for many years worked closely to share technical actuarial and consultancy expertise and to coordinate advice to international clients. All our member firms reflect our principles of professionalism, independence and value that our clients have come to expect.

Benefits of choosing a GLOBACS member:

The clients of GLOBACS members receive the personal attention and service provided by regionally-based firms and, at the same time, benefit from being part of a network whose expertise and resources are international in scope.

Member firms of GLOBACS provide a full range of actuarial, consulting and administrative services. GLOBACS firms work on a fee for service basis, maintaining independence and impartiality.

Our firms are all locally managed (and usually also owned) which means we have a long-term commitment to our “home” market as well as a high profile locally and an in-depth knowledge of our local markets, rather than just being a “postal address” for advice that is written elsewhere.

GLOBACS member firms:

  • Have local offices throughout Europe, Africa, North & South America and the Asia Pacific region.
  • Share expertise and advice to international clients.
  • Are independent, each with their own identity.

Why join GLOBACS:

Being part of GLOBACS gives member firms a competitive edge, as we are able to undertake actuarial and consultancy work on a global basis while retaining the benefits of a local approach. We offer genuine overseas expertise, not simply an overseas presence.

GLOBACS members maintain full confidence in the quality of services provided by our international partners: we form good working relationships with our fellow members and have a solid track record of successful cooperation on international projects. We also value personal relationships as being the basis for working together and meet twice a year.

Members benefit from exchanging knowledge and expertise with each other, as well as discussing the challenges of the actuarial market in different countries and states.

We welcome contact from potential new members from around the world.


GLOBACS (Global Actuarial & Consulting Services) is an international actuarial and consulting brand joining together long-established networks, EURACS (European Actuarial & Consulting Services), NORACS (North American Actuarial & Consulting Services) and APACS (Asia Pacific Actuarial & Consulting Services).

EURACS was formed in 1982 and expanded to become Europe’s oldest and largest network of leading independent actuarial and pensions consultancy firms. Strong professional connections reached around the globe, incorporating firms in Africa and leading to the founding of further regional networks spanning the Americas with NORACS and, more recently, the Asia Pacific region with APACS.

GLOBACS today represents one of the most extensive consulting networks of its kind in the world.

Asia Pacific

Zainal Kassim


Tel: +603 2161 0433

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Ana Sarrasin

Dimitri de Marneffe


Tel: + 32 497 59 74 50

North & South America

Jeanne Michaud


Tel: +1 412 394 9349