Montae & Partners

Montae & Partners is a leader in the Netherlands in providing advice about pensions and other insurable employee benefits to pension funds, employers, works councils, entrepreneurs and top managers.

Montae & Partners

Montae & Partners was created in 2020 through a merger of the long-established companies Montae, Floreijn and LNBB. We have about 140 employees who operate from offices spread across the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

Our specialists support our clients with actuarial, legal, risk management, asset management, communication, governance and strategy topics as well as with complex pension transitions. Montae & Partners is ready to guide and assist its clients in the overhaul of the Dutch pension system in the coming years. We advise both small business and large listed companies about insurable employee benefits such as pension, health care, disability and global mobility. We offer our clients worldwide support in these fields and we assist international companies in dealing with the Dutch social security system.

Contact info

Roel Nass
+31 6511 72612

Verrijn Stuartlaan 1F

2288 EK Rijswijk

The Netherlands