Heubeck AG

Within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe we remain an autonomous company with an unchanged team. We keep our character as an absolutely independent actuarial consultancy.

Heubeck AG

For over 70 years, small and medium sized companies, international groups and IORP have trusted in our consulting expertise. In 1946, when founded, insurance mathematics and demographics were our focus. In 1948, our HEUBECK-Richttafeln were issued, which are – in the current version – still the base for pension benefit valuation in Germany. We have evolved from an actuarial reporting to a holistic actuarial services provider supporting our clients on all issues of (company) pensions.

Contact info

Stephan Derbort

+49 (221) 93 46 93 – 51

Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 72a

50968 Köln