Sustainable benefits can help make a real difference

Few aspects of life on earth have been left untouched by the seismic shock that coronavirus has delivered to societies and economies. This ‘black swan event’ – a surprise occurrence that has a major lasting impact – is making people reconsider their priorities.

Indeed, research shows that two-thirds of Britons now believe climate change is as serious as coronavirus and the majority want sustainability prioritised in economic recovery.

We now find ourselves at a pivotal moment. In the midst of the ‘Great Resignation’ many need to feel that they are working with an employer that takes sustainability seriously. With as much as a quarter of a company’s value being attributed to its reputation, it’s important for businesses to act.

“Don’t just think of green initiatives, think of improving wellbeing, reducing inequalities and building strong communities” – David Collington, Head of Benefits Consulting at Barnett Waddingham.

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