SNG ARGEN Actuarial Solutions (Pty) Ltd

SNG ARGEN is comprised of a significant group of actuaries with an eye for precision and a bent for innovation.

We are an independent and innovative company, providing a range of actuarial consulting services and advanced solutions for our clients.


SNG ARGEN is South Africa’s largest independent black-owned actuarial firm, providing actuarial services since 2000.

Our independent actuarial team provides our clients with a depth of experience and array of actuarial services, including, but not limited to, Retirement Solutions, Business Solutions, Banking and Credit Solutions as well as African and International Solutions.

Our extensive internal resources and experience, combined with international expertise through our association with SNG Grant Thornton, enable us to provide stability, quality and continuity to our clients.

When it comes to being prepared to offer excellent service, we’ve covered all the bases. There is strength in numbers and our 12 highly skilled actuaries have a combined 152 years of experience in the retirement funds industry.

We provide pure actuarial services and do not offer any investment, audit or administration services to clients. This ensures that there is no potential for conflict of interests.

We currently do business in 13 countries located across Central, Southern, East and West Africa.

Contact info

Tommie Doubell

+27 56 215 1149

1st Floor Marlborough Gate

Hyde Lane

Hyde Park

2196 Johannesburg

South Africa