Quants, SA de CV

QUANTS, SA de CV is a Mexican independent actuarial consulting firm practising in Mexico since 2000. Our services cover the Latin America area. Our main areas of expertise are Employee benefits and Pension Consulting.

Quants, SA de CV

We are recognized as Certified Pension Actuaries by the Federal Government. Clients of our firm include multinationals from Asia, Europe and North & South America, as well as large and medium-sized Mexican organizations.

QUANTS high quality, value-added consulting services include: actuarial valuation of Employee benefits as per Mexican (NIF-D3), international (IAS-19) and US-gaap (ASC-715). We also help clients to create their private Retirement Plans, be they defined benefit or defined contribution schemes.

We provide Financial Risk Management consulting services (related to compliance procedures required by Government Regulatory Entities) and Affinity Programs Assessment as per NIF-19 Mexican gaap.

Contact info

Octavio Maupome

+52 55 5308-2300

Av. Vasco de Quiroga #1800 Oficina 1C

Colonia Santa Fe

01210 Mexico City