Peraita y Asociados, S.L.

Founded in 1995, our company has provided consulting services on pensions, benefits and actuarial matters mainly in Spain but also in many other countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Poland, Lebanon).

Peraita y Asociados, S.L.

We are an independent consulting firm with access to an interdisciplinary team of specialist consultants in different areas related to insurance, pensions and general risks that affect individuals and corporations.

We provide specialised professional services to a broad range of prestigious corporations in the industrial and services sectors, particularly to credit institutions and insurance undertakings.

Our consultants actively participate on a regular basis in domestic and international actuarial discussion forums, allowing us to keep our clients updated on the possible future evolution of the regulatory framework and on new developments in technical tools, providing them with an environment of key information that enhances the adoption of better-focused strategic decisions.

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Manuel Peraita

+34 91 343 1133

calle Poniente, 166

Pozuelo de Alarcón

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