Pension-Actuarial Consultant (PAC), LLC

We provide employee pensions consultancy and solutions to our clients. Our clients include: legislators (pension reform), trade unions (occupational pensions), pension funds (risks), employees (pensions), employers (benefits) and their accountants (actuary for IAS 19).

Pension-Actuarial Consultant (PAC), LLC

We offer actuarial consultancy for IAS 19 and act as expert in non-state pension provision for trade unions, employers and individuals. These range from businesses with 20 employees to the largest company in Ukraine (Ukrainian Railways). We are the independent service provider for pension funds. We form a pension culture in Ukraine among people and work with lawmakers on pension reform issues. There are three most popular services of PAC today: actuarial assessment for the purposes of IAS 19 (preferential pensions and other long-service benefits); modeling and actuarial calculation of corporate pension schemes; pension consultancy for employees and pensioners.

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Pension-Actuarial Consultant (PAC), LLC

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