Dr. HEUBECK Ges.m.b.H

HEUBECK AG was founded in 2001, but has more than 50 years of tradition (former Büro Dr. Heubeck founded in 1946).


In 2007, HEUBECK AG started a cooperation with Sparkassen Finanzgruppe. Within this cooperation, HEUBECK AG remains an autonomous company with an unchanged team. It has kept its character as an absolutely independent actuarial consultancy.

The majority of the shares are held by Sparkassen Finanzgruppe and Professor Heubeck and his family. Klaus Heubeck still serves HEUBECK AG as senior consultant.

Areas of expertise:

  • DB pension plans
  • Other employee benefits
  • Mortality studies
  • Expert witness

Contact info

Hubert Schicketanz

+43 252 435 730



Gonzagagasse 14/10

A-1010 Vienna