The Argentinian pension system has universal, social insurance and social assistance components. Employers and workers in Argentina contribute to the Integrated Argentinian Pension System (SIPA). The universal old-age pension provides benefits to residents ineligible for any other pension.


Funded by the government, retirement age is 60 years for women and 65 for men, but they can choose to retire up to 70 years old.
The PensiĆ³n Universal para el Adulto Mayor [PUAM] provides benefits to residents of Argentina 65 and over who are not receiving any other pension.

Social Insurance

The System provides old age benefits, whose amount depends on the last 10 year average salary for employees, Also, death and disability benefits are provided.
Self employed benefit amount depends on a 30 year average career.
PUAM is equivalent of 80% of minimum pension.

Social Assistance

These are means tested plans that offer benefits to active, elderly and disabled who meet citizen or residency requirements.